Lies We Believe About God Chapter 19 “God requires child sacrifice.”

I have been having a tough time with this chapter. I haven’t ever thought or believed that God ever requires the sacrifice of a child. Even with the other beliefs that has a system where child sacrifice is not something that I know or even understand. I really don’t have any idea what this would be like for anyone who puts anything above the love of any loved one.


Lies We Believe About God chapter 18 “That was just a coincidence.”

What is a coincidence? According to the Webster Dictionary it means 1. the act or condition of coinciding or 2. the occurrence of of events that happen at the same time by accident by seem to have some connection. In this chapter it is the second definition that Mr. Young is talking about.  Those moments when the right song comes on the radio or a call from a friend.  What struck me as I was reading is that God talks our langue.  It may not be the way we would think as an adult but the way we where as a kid.  He still can reach us in the way that we can hear and understand. We are to have faith as a child. This is not always easy for me to do.  Mr. Young put it this way page 157,

As we become adults, God never speaking “child” to us, because it remains our native tongue, even though we sometimes forget the words and lose touch with the joy of its wonder. Perhaps one of the reasons we adults enjoy attending animated movies with our children is that they remind us of who we are.  

I’m not how to get back to the faith that I had as a child.  How do you listen to God when He speaks.  The world can and does get so noisy it can be overwhelming. I hope that I can get back to the faith of a child. Yet, He never stops speaking to us in all things.  Even when it is the right song on the radio or the call from a friend. 

Mr. Young talks a book signing and talk that he gave while promoting his book Eve while in South Africa and how he was moved to tears while talking to a teacher.  The teacher had lost one of her students to suicide and had several others who tired who failed. Mr. Young had written notes to a couple of the students.  He and the teacher talked for some time.  It is not by chance that he was in South Africa to talk with this teacher.  It is a reminder that we can be used for good at any time and in any way. The last paragraph of this chapter he says this on page 163,

Surrounded as we are, in the ordinary and extraordinary, inside the mundane and the unusual, in what so often appears to be random and exempt from purpose, I am personally convince that nothing is apart from the abiding presence and activity of God.  I trust the coincidence of God. I trust that coincidence has a Name.

Lies We Believe About God reviews are back

I have not been writing as much as I would like to be.  I will be starting once again reading Lies We Believe About God by Wm. Paul Young.  I will pick up where I have left off with Chapter 18 “That was just a coincidence.” I am looking forward to start writing once again. It has been way to long for posting any blog posts.  I hope that once I get back into writing I will have more ideas on what to write about. 

More about Brain Carrick

I have lived in McHenry County my whole life and the case of Brian Carrick is not common here.  McHenry County Illinois has been and to some extent a safe place to live.  Having great school for kids like myself.  A place that is close to Chicago with all that it has to offer and far enough from the city with the big city problems.  This case has shaken not only Johnsberg, Illinois but also that of McHenry County.  Brain Carrick has yet to be found.  I have always hoped that he will be found.  Yet, as more time has pass this becomes more and more unlikely.  His parents have both passed away with knowing where Brain is and what really happened to him.  There is so much that is unknown and we may not ever know.  I have watched ABC’s 20/20 that aired on October, 2014 talks about this case. Much what told in this case is known.  Mario Casciaro who was charged and found guilty of Brain’s death had his guilty verdict overturned on Friday, September 15, 2017.  In a Chicago Tribune from Sunday, September 17, 2017.  I will be writing more about this case as I listen to Framed an Investigative Story.  I have also wrote these two post titled Framed an Investigative Story and Generation Why What Happened to Brain Carrick, episode 96.

Framed an Investigative Story

Brian Carrick went missing December, 2002. In this Generation Why What Happened to Brain Carrick, episode   I talked about this case and in Generation Why show 96.  This is one of those cases that was very close to home.  Johnsberg, Illinois is very close to where I am in McHenry County.  There is so much that does not make sense with this story.  Brains parents have both died not knowing where there son is and what truly happened to him.  In Framed an Investigated Story season takes an in depth look at this case.  Aaron of the Generation Why podcast is the host of this podcast.  I have so far listened to the first three shows. I’ve found that the way Aaron talks about the case is not like any other podcast.  He has gotten a lot of the information from the public record and will try to put together the pieces of this case. I hope to be able to look at this case in a new way and to see if there is a way to solve this case.